A story about how she is her own hero in this one.

Sometimes a woman just wants to read stories that inspire her. Stories that demonstrate the power of women. Without being compared to men in any way, shape or form. Stories about how a young lady became independent when she moved out of her parents house all by herself. How she assembled her own Ikea furniture without any help. How she paid for it with the money she worked so hard for.Stories about ordinary women being their own heroes one day at a time.

Could she have read the Ikea instructions when she was assembeling her own furniture? Sure, she would’ve been finished sooner. But what is more satisfying than proving to yourself that you are capable of figuring it all out on your own? -Not much, if you ask me.

Stories about her car breaking down on the highway… How she pulled up her sleeves, popped the hood, figured out what the issue was, fixed her car and arrived safely home. 

Stories about how her boss is a pain in the ass so she decides to become an entrepreneur and start her own business. That was one of the hardest decisions she had ever made. (Well, besides which haagen dazs ice cream to buy of course.) (Always salted caramel in case you were wondering.) But also the right one. Stories about working from home in her pj’s because she feels like it and that is totally fine.

Stories about her going out with her friends all dolled up and in heels on one day and in a hoodie and sweat pants the next day.

Stories that tell the tale of her superpower. That unlike Superman and Spiderman she could safe her own world all by being her self. That she didn’t need to hide who she was in order to help the people she cared about. Stories about how she is more of superhero than Spiderman and Superman because she was courageous enough to be herself.

Stories about how her modesty is one of her powers. Because she understands that she is more than her body. She is so much more than the skin she lives in.

Stories about how she can express herself without limitations. Stories about how she does.

Stories about how she doesn’t need to prove her femininity. How she can be a tomboy that plays soccer in heels. Or how she can hate skirts and dresses but love nail polish and fast cars.

Stories about how fearlessly she participates in car races. How she is terrified and still races because she loves it more than anything and wins.

Stories about an ordinary independent kickass woman who is her own hero.

Stories about how she is the hero in this one.