More issues than vogue

Yes, issues as in problems. It’s interesting. When you open up about the problems in your life. You are made to feel like you are crazy. How dare you complain about your mortgage when someone people don’t even have homes?. How dare you complain about being overwhelmed at work, someone people don’t even have jobs. How dare you have a nervous breakdown (or break through) when you are fortunate to have; this, that and the other.

This needs to stop.

People can be “fortunate” and have a hard time. People can be “unfortunate” and have a hard time. The point is people are people. The truth is most of grew up in a house regardless of whether that was a home or not. No matter how many things they own or not own. When did it become socially acceptable to dismiss people’s feelings based on how “fortunate” or “unfortunate” they are?

-What does that even mean?

It’s interesting how we try to be less materialistic yet invalidate or validate how a person should feel based on what they have or not have. In the media we see a video of this poor little boy in Africa who has the biggest smile and we are flabbergasted. In the same media we see wealthy celebrities whom unfortunately commit suicide. How come he committed suicide? He had wealth. How dare he be so ungrateful when that little boy has not much but is the happiest little kid. what is wrong with him? -They ask. 

They sell you this idea of money doesn’t make you happy. Clearly there are people with money that aren’t happy. I am not saying that this isn’t true. But that is not the main issue here. This whole argument is made about how people are materialistic. How ungrateful he is when he is wealthy. How the kid is happy even though he doesn’t have much.

Propaganda is fed to us and we don’t even question it. The media and society turn this into a: oh, look how materialistic people are argument. “Millennials the most entitled, lazy and materialistic generation thus far.” When in reality the underlining issue here is clearly mental health. But they distract you from that because, who doesn’t like to talk about how money is the root of all evil?

The real question there is: why is it socially acceptable for that boy to be sad about this circumstances? Expected even? Why he is allowed to express that sadness but someone whom may be wealthy by society standards cannot?

Are they both not entitled to feel what they feel and express that?

The stigma around mental health is baffling to me. Why is it totally acceptable to go to the doctor when you break a bone. But it isn’t acceptable to go to therapy?

Isn’t it enough that we make people feel like they are complaining when they are really just expressing how sad they feel?

Why is it okay to have a neat and tidy house? But you are seen as broken when you try to tidy up the thoughts in your head by going to therapy?

Why is it okay to fix broken body parts but not okay to heal emotional scars?

The question is not: how dare he be so ungrateful when he has so much. But why do we as a society categorize people by social classes to then determine if they are “allowed” to feel depressed?

Who are we to tell someone how they are allowed to feel? Who are we to attach a label of shame to therapy?

If anything, we should applaud people for going to therapy. They are actively trying to heal, to change their lives for the better. That takes courage. 

We as a society shame people for not being okay. Making them feel like they are the only ones going through this. Like they are alone.

The reality is that they are not alone. There are others who feel the exact same way but are afraid to express how they feel. Just like you are.

You are not alone.

Remember, there is nothing new under the sun. There is absolutely nothing you can go through that others haven’t gone or are going through.

Distracting people by saying they are materialistic is absolute bullsh*t. What is materialistic anyway? Stuff you buy because you want it? Things that you buy with money that you worked for? How is that wrong? Or even shameful?

Is it shameful because, you are not suppose to work hard? Or is it because you are meant to stay “middle class”? (whatever that means)

Oh wait! Maybe it is because money is the root of all evil! That makes sense doesn’t it? Blaming it on money. Shifting the attention to money and people being materialistic so we don’t have to talk about the real issue.

Saying money is evil is like saying water is evil. Huh? Let me explain besides the commonality that money is made from cotton, and water? Well water is water. But the point is both come from nature. In one form or the other.

Water nourishes but it also drowns. It’s not so much about, what water is.. But how it’s used. Water like money is neutral. It has no sense of right or wrong because it is not a person. Money doesn’t favor a nice person because they are nice. Just like it doesn’t ignore a bad person. IT DOESN’T CARE. IT CAN’T CARE.

Money is earned because it is an object. You work for it. You get it. The concept is simple. Remember, money only has value because we assign it value. It can’t do anything. We can do things. Us. People can. Money cannot. We use it as a means to do/get the things we want.

So is it really logical to validate/invalidate how someone is allowed to feel? Just of because of how much money they have or not have in their wallet? why not blame it on money and say money is the root of all evil? Or the materialistic millennials?  

Think about it.