A blog post about asking yourself the hard questions. How to change self doubt.

Questioning yourself is a double edged sword isn’t it? Sometimes it feels a lot more like self doubt than anything else doesn’t it? Well for me it does. Or used to, actually. Self care helped with learning how to not abuse myself emotionally. That’s essentially what you are doing, Emotionally abusing yourself. It sounds crazy when you think of it like that. Who would willingly do that to themselves right? Wrong. Everyone has moments of overthinking, creating unlikely scenarios or just being disappointed in yourself because you made a mistake. However, instead of just admitting it, forgiving yourself or dealing with it in a healthy way.. You obsess over it. Beat yourself up over it. Call yourself names or be negative and mean to yourself.

Me: Doesn’t sound healthy does it?
me: Nope
Me: That’s because it’s not. You know better.
me: Sigh

What if me questioning myself isn’t a negative thing but positive? What if the answers to those questions are guiding me? And the discomfort I feel is just growing pains? I constantly beat myself up for not knowing what I want to do for the rest of my life or at least career wise. What if, by asking these tough questions, I am receiving pieces of the puzzle. Maybe the reason It doesn’t make sense yet is because I can’t see the full picture yet? What if by asking questions I am a lot further along than I think I am? What if the emotional abuse towards myself is just stopping me from reaching further than I actually can? What if all I had to do was just trust god? It’s one thing to know that you should trust god and to actually trusting him is a whole other can of worms. 

Sh*t that is a lot.

Questioning yourself doesn’t have to be a negative experience. When done the right way, it actually helps you figure yourself out.